Lawrence Devereux

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Subject: Work Staff - 1975 to 1978

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: I started out as a camper but only for one year. Fr Jerrard "promoted" me to worker. I worked originally for Ralph Hemida and then John Rodriguez and I tried our hand at herding the workers. (I see some of you have posted your stories on here) Many tales from CSM, actually I remember most of them- I could write a book. Ralph was right about the Apache; my last year I did the maintenance on all the vehicles and it was pretty much a death-trap to drive above 30 mph. Road repair. Forestry work. Lotta names. I worked in the kitchen with Dorothy Scott, Rob Ray, Mike Sullivan. Other staff - Debbie Quinn, Paula Thompson, Tom Hazard (whom I also went to HS with), Anita and Megan Sevier, Ralph and Elena Sodano, Joe Gentry, Fred Rainquet, etc. John Ruzicka is particularly missed. I used to shoot with him- I was one of the few he'd let touch his father's hand-made arrows. That all went well until I broke one of them. Wazoo. Overnight horseback. Fat Man Squeeze. Go cart track in Estes Park. Charlie Eagle Plume. What a wonderful place and time. Such a life we had.