Joyce Roller

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Subject: Fr.Bob Jerrard

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: Hello to All Who Loves Fr. Bob and your beloved Holy Land at Camp St. Malo, Tomorrow is 10-27- 12 yrs since we lost Fr. Bob. Chapel is still open in good weather on Sat.-Sun., no Masses. Nothing is accomplished at the Williams Building. Up grading on inside of Chapel. Sad to see several Stations of the Cross were stolen. Hopefully Fr. Jerrard's photo will be added at the back of Chapel. Visitors were 200 plus on summer weekends. Monies are still dropped in box, collected & taken to Our Lady of the Mountians, Estes Pk. and sent to Archdio. in Denver. Father lives on through your lives, your decisions, Archbishop Chaput said "Bob was a faithful servant of God. He was an evangelist to different faiths." Funeral was on Feast Day of Divine Mercy. Nov.8th. Peace,