Deacon Patrick Murphy

The red haired kid from Chicago

I was a 2nd generation camper at Malo. My four uncles all attended camp when it was still being run by Monsignor Bosetti. I started coming in 1970 and came every summer for the entire time allowed until they limited the weeks to allow girls in. My sister Brigid was in the first group of girls at camp. I ended up doing one summer when I was 15 as a camper-worker. Once or twice a year I take my kids on a hike here in the Smokies and I pack 1- navel orange, 1- Hershey bar, 1- pb&j, and one bologna, american cheese, and catsup sandwich in brown bags. Just like when I was at camp, my kids trade me their bologna for pb&j.

John Ruzitzka used to pick me up in the big Dodge van at Stapleton and the drive lasted forever to get up to Estes. I would eat at the dog house every Friday night and put anyone I could into the tires at the go-kart track. I remember well getting the crap scared out of me when Ralph told ghost stories, and listing ti Fr. Bob's awesome homilies every morning at Mass.

I'm so glad you are gathering us here all in one place. This will be easier for some to find than the FB page... but I'm glad we have both.

Love to all, patrick :)