Therese Paulick

This song was sung by Therese Paulick at the LAST Mass of Camp August 13, 1984.

"While We're Still Together"
We've got to love while we're still together, we've got to share we've still the time ... and in our minds and in our hearts must store up the memories to fill our days when we're apart.

Nothing lasts forever - not the flowers in the field not a friend. All things are pasing and too quickly I might add ... all things must come to an end. So let us never grow too weary or impatient to sit and talk about our love, my friend - but let us walk together now in the memories that we may ... in this spirit of love let us stay-let us love one another while we may.

Sometimes the words aren't spoken often enough, sometimes we take it all for granted - that the ones we love will always be around, that they'll be there by our side and never let us down. But the seasons come and the seasons go, the summer fades into the fall - and with 'hellos' barely spoken, our 'goodbyes' are at hand and we must travel on now across the land as the tide of the sea shifts the sand.

So place your trust in the Lord give your life, my friend, to the Lord. For all ur time together is a s a ripple on a pond and we'll be one for another from now on ... Let the memories we share linger on, let us these, dear Lord, grant us to carry on.

Don't let our differences come between us, don't let pride or selfishness get in the way. But let us stand together now as one and as the same, let us thank one another while we may.

For you have warmed my days with your smile and comforted me with your touch. My tears for you have held in the gentlest of hands, my laughter you've matched with your heart. Think of these my friends, remember these when we're apart ....

Our mountains rise before us and the pathways are long and steep. We may not travel the same road, I may not see you for awhile, bu ton top of that mountain we will meet. Until we meet again though, I'll wish you well my friend. I will wish you the best of all good things and may the Lord bless you and keep you in his care. Please know that I'll always be there my friend, dear friend, stay near ....