Sandi Carpenter


Subject: My memories

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: I was blessed to be a part of the first group of girls at CSM. I had never been to a camp, so I was a bit shy. It didn't take long to make friends and enjoy myself. By the end of the week, I wanted to stay and go to Estes Park. When my folks came to pick me up, I signed up for the second week for girls. I came for a couple more seasons.

Camp meant so much to me. I found I was a person away from my folks, I could make friends and learn new things. Our daily masses helped me to get closer to God and have a better understanding of Him.

One time on movie night I was standing on a bench and tried to go to another. I landed hard on my right elbow. Of course I jumped up and said I was fine, yet on the way to the lodge I lost feeling in my fingers. I remember my friends taking me to the nurse and her putting ice on it. In no time Father Jerrard came up and took me for X-rays in Estes. Once we found out that I had bruised my funny bone Father was relieved. On the way back we talked about why the counselors say not to stand on the bench. Even as we spoke his voice was of love and concern for me. I will never forget the love I felt at CSM.

The natural beauty of the camp with the joy and love from Father, CSM will always be holy ground to me.