Joyce Roller

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Subject: Fr.Bob Jerrard

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: Hello to All Who Loves Fr. Bob and your beloved Holy Land at Camp St. Malo, Tomorrow is 10-27- 12 yrs since we lost Fr. Bob. Chapel is still open in good weather on Sat.-Sun., no Masses. Nothing is accomplished at the Williams Building. Up grading on inside of Chapel. Sad to see several Stations of the Cross were stolen. Hopefully Fr. Jerrard's photo will be added at the back of Chapel. Visitors were 200 plus on summer weekends. Monies are still dropped in box, collected & taken to Our Lady of the Mountians, Estes Pk. and sent to Archdio. in Denver. Father lives on through your lives, your decisions, Archbishop Chaput said "Bob was a faithful servant of God. He was an evangelist to different faiths." Funeral was on Feast Day of Divine Mercy. Nov.8th. Peace,

Dave & Denise Pfnister

10/27/16 - It was 12 years ago that a wonderful man who became a Priest passed away (Fr. Bob). He was our teacher, mentor and family member for us. He taught us about the Catholic Faith, Values, Traditions, Love of people and Love for Nature that God made. His saying that we will remember is " God does not make junk, he loves you". He will always be in our hearts and souls. He will always be watching over us. We miss you and Love you. 

Lawrence Devereux

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Subject: Work Staff - 1975 to 1978

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: I started out as a camper but only for one year. Fr Jerrard "promoted" me to worker. I worked originally for Ralph Hemida and then John Rodriguez and I tried our hand at herding the workers. (I see some of you have posted your stories on here) Many tales from CSM, actually I remember most of them- I could write a book. Ralph was right about the Apache; my last year I did the maintenance on all the vehicles and it was pretty much a death-trap to drive above 30 mph. Road repair. Forestry work. Lotta names. I worked in the kitchen with Dorothy Scott, Rob Ray, Mike Sullivan. Other staff - Debbie Quinn, Paula Thompson, Tom Hazard (whom I also went to HS with), Anita and Megan Sevier, Ralph and Elena Sodano, Joe Gentry, Fred Rainquet, etc. John Ruzicka is particularly missed. I used to shoot with him- I was one of the few he'd let touch his father's hand-made arrows. That all went well until I broke one of them. Wazoo. Overnight horseback. Fat Man Squeeze. Go cart track in Estes Park. Charlie Eagle Plume. What a wonderful place and time. Such a life we had.

Joe Cassidy

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Subject: Great Hikes & People

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: MY 2 outstanding memories of SACRED great place are TREKKING over Pawnee Pass/down into Crater Lake,.back over Trailridge In the rain...likewise the wonderful friendships made washing dishes for McCall..and racing to THE CHAPEL..and back--Woodey's table talk !?..fascinating !!

Joyce Roller

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Subject: Fr. Bob Jerrard's Birthday

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: March 22,1940 is Father Bob's Birthday. It's 12 years since we lost him but his legacy lives on in our values in our Faith, by our examples in our lives, how we treat people and little fuzzy friends. His fierce and tender love for each of you. Not often in the story of mankind does a man arrive on Earth who is as hard as rock and soft as drifting fog, who holds in his heart and mind the paradox of terrible storm and peace unspeakable and perfect. Father Bob was a faithful servant of God. He was an evangelist to different faiths. Archbiishof Stafford @ funeral. Feast Day of Divine Mercy. 10-27-04. Joyce and Fritz Roller. 3-2016


Paul Gavin

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Subject: Memory of St Malo

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: I was at Camp Saint Malo for a week in the 60's with a dear friend who I have lost contact with. Seems like it was a rain drenched week so a lot of time was spent in the craft shop, but we enjoyed all of the other activities too. Both of us were in Catholic school and 'alter-boys' at home, so attending morning Mass was not unusual. Multiple times at the rifle and archery ranges, swimming in the icy spring water, a long hike to Thunder Lake in the rain, bonfire, leather craft, etc. are all good memories. The long trip to and from camp was very memorable too.

Some other camps are still running, it is too bad so many are not. The youth of today could all benefit from a camp experience. Learned many things at camp that church, school and home cannot teach.

Bill Tinen

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Subject: Camp St. Malo- How can I be involved in its resurection?? It needs to happen.What can I do to help.

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: What fantastic memories I have of this wonderful place. I even still have letters I sent home from Camp. I was there in 1976, 1977 as a camper and then in 1978 as a worker. I liked being a camper better. Does anyone remember Ralph from Arizona........he was in charge of the workers.

Anyhow, I was just there in the last month and much of the camp was washed out from the flood last year. The only thing standing of the main lodge is the fireplace. The old lodge is standing tall and building the church on a rock saved it from the flood ( bible lesson there I believe). Regardless, it is a magical place. I still think of my experiences there even now!

Steve Jones


We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: My experience with CSM came from attending Sacred Heart in Boulder. I attended camp for one year as a camper (might have been 1976 or so), then went back for three years as a worker. In those three years, working with the likes of AJ Hermida, Tom Anderson, Larry Devereaux, Tim and Tom, and the Aguirre brothers, I had too much fun. From washing dishes and playing lumber jack, the climbs up Meeker and Longs, to eating pizza at Bob and Tony's, and the ever-infamous acquisition of a certain competitor's sign, it all added up to an experience I wish was still available for the Denver kids of today. Fr. Bob's twinkle was the best, and those years laid a strong foundation for me having a zest for life, doing the unusual, and living outdoors. It saddens me every time I drive past camp on my motorcycle, headed to Estes and points beyond, that the chapel sits on the rock, and the carcass of the lodge sits under the splendor of Meeker, unused and unavailable to kids so desperately in need of this sort of experience...

Sandi Carpenter


Subject: My memories

We'd love to hear from you! Please tell us your thoughts: I was blessed to be a part of the first group of girls at CSM. I had never been to a camp, so I was a bit shy. It didn't take long to make friends and enjoy myself. By the end of the week, I wanted to stay and go to Estes Park. When my folks came to pick me up, I signed up for the second week for girls. I came for a couple more seasons.

Camp meant so much to me. I found I was a person away from my folks, I could make friends and learn new things. Our daily masses helped me to get closer to God and have a better understanding of Him.

One time on movie night I was standing on a bench and tried to go to another. I landed hard on my right elbow. Of course I jumped up and said I was fine, yet on the way to the lodge I lost feeling in my fingers. I remember my friends taking me to the nurse and her putting ice on it. In no time Father Jerrard came up and took me for X-rays in Estes. Once we found out that I had bruised my funny bone Father was relieved. On the way back we talked about why the counselors say not to stand on the bench. Even as we spoke his voice was of love and concern for me. I will never forget the love I felt at CSM.

The natural beauty of the camp with the joy and love from Father, CSM will always be holy ground to me.

Steve Calovich

I spent a week at Camp Saint Malo in July of 1966.  I enjoyed all of the activities:  Morning Mass, the rifle range, swimming, the overnight campout, discovering CornNuts at the candy store, the bonfire, leather craft, etc.  The parents of one of the Counselors was nice enough to take me to his personal home for dinner and making sure I got to the train station for my trip back to Kansas City.  My rifle range certificate is tobacco brown with age.  I scanned it in black and white to make it easier to read.

David Sis

I started at Camp as a camper in the early 50s and later as a dishwasher/worker when I was 13. Pay was $2.00 a week which satisfied the need to spend on something in Estes on a Saturday night. That is what was left over after some treats deducted from our pay from the candy store at the Old Lodge. Morning Mass, Evening Benediction and soft Summer days ride gently on the mind these many years later. The walk from the Main Lodge with the beaver ponds creating their lovely scents, and the backdrop of Mount Meeker always there made the season go so quickly. However, the string that forever ties those years there and all the people and events is Father Jerrard and his mom. I am thankful and grateful for it all

Deacon Patrick Murphy

The red haired kid from Chicago

I was a 2nd generation camper at Malo. My four uncles all attended camp when it was still being run by Monsignor Bosetti. I started coming in 1970 and came every summer for the entire time allowed until they limited the weeks to allow girls in. My sister Brigid was in the first group of girls at camp. I ended up doing one summer when I was 15 as a camper-worker. Once or twice a year I take my kids on a hike here in the Smokies and I pack 1- navel orange, 1- Hershey bar, 1- pb&j, and one bologna, american cheese, and catsup sandwich in brown bags. Just like when I was at camp, my kids trade me their bologna for pb&j.

John Ruzitzka used to pick me up in the big Dodge van at Stapleton and the drive lasted forever to get up to Estes. I would eat at the dog house every Friday night and put anyone I could into the tires at the go-kart track. I remember well getting the crap scared out of me when Ralph told ghost stories, and listing ti Fr. Bob's awesome homilies every morning at Mass.

I'm so glad you are gathering us here all in one place. This will be easier for some to find than the FB page... but I'm glad we have both.

Love to all, patrick :)

James Vacca

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Leading horse rides on Ace Where are you Debbie Quinn

Fr. Bob and Mass "so kids what are the important things in life?"
Counselors shouting from the back "Rings and Watches"

A.J. Hemida, Scottsdale, AZ

"As one of the worker staff, there were many memories of Camp St. Malo that happened behind the scenes.

One of my favorite memories was the day that I learned to drive the old green '59 Apache panel truck that we had used at camp. The Apache was a manual transmission, and at 16 tender years of age, I had never driven a stick shift in my life. The Apache was also a pile of junk. It clanked and rattled and was the noisiest vehicle I had never driven. It leaked oil, smelled and was about as close to a rolling coffin as I've ever experienced.

We ran out of bread on a Wednesday before Wazoo, and panic ensued. Fr. Jerrard told me I had to take the Apache to Boulder and pick up bread. When I told Fr. Jerrard that I had no idea how to drive a stick, he simply answered: "You will by the time you get back" I have never spent an entire day so terrified in my entire life. I did not know how I was to get to Boulder down the canyon, navigate the traffic of Boulder and back to CSM having never driven a stick shift.

I was sure Fr. Jerrard was trying to kill me. That afternoon, I became an expert stick shift driver by the time I arrived home at St. Malo. I marched into Fr. Jerrard's office and gave him a piece of my mind. He casually looked up from his desk; one eyebrow raised and smiled that mischievous smile he had when he was about 4 steps ahead of you. "Do I need to put you in a headlock, he calmly stated?"

Wazoo went off without a hitch" A.J. Hemida, Scottsdale, AZ - Submitted: 30 July 2009

A.J. Hemida, Scottsdale, AZ

"The workers thought it would be an extraordinary treat to steal a competitor camp's logo and give it to Fr. Jerrard as a spoil of war.

We "borrowed" the big Cheeley Camp "C" that they had hanging at their main gate, and during morning chapel, during one of the songs; we proudly displayed the big gold "C". Fr. Jerrard never missed a beat in church but we could tell from the balcony that we were in deep! After mass we were all called into his office behind closed doors.

No matter how angry he attempted to be, he couldn't wipe the grin off his face. All he knew was that he was having no part of it, this was never to be spoken of, and it would be really swell if we took it back.

To all my fellow workers from 1977, I think the statute of limitations has run out, so we can all have a good laugh now."

Tim Dixon

"My parents were busy with the upcoming marriage of my older brother when they sent me to Camp St Malo. (I thought it was a reform school thanks to my older siblings). I cried when they left me. I love the week I spent there. So many fun activities. Anyone else there the summer of 1962..."