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March 1, 2016:

Dear Alumni and Friends of Camp Saint Malo,

Dave and I were recently contacted by the Archdiocese of Denver to join a committee that is working on the Camp St. Malo Visitor and Heritage Center.  This Visitor and Heritage Center will be located in St. William’s Lodge – the “Old Lodge” as we all called it.  Our roll on this committee is to represent the alumni – to make sure the story of summer camp and the winter retreat program is not only told but is added to the Heritage Center through interviews, documents, artifacts, and any other means necessary.  Other members of the committee are representing other groups, handling interviews, videography, exhibit displays, etc.  The entire committee will review all display layouts, captured stories and make suggestions for changes or agree to go forward.

Not only will the Old Lodge be renovated and upgraded to include a gift shop (in the old Leather Shop), public restrooms, changing rooms for weddings, but a large space for the Heritage Center will also be built.  One half of the Old Lodge and the entire candle shop will be renovated to become the museum space where the ‘story’ of everyone and every different program that has utilized the property since 1916 will be told.  Some of the area of the Old Lodge will also include a second story.  Upgrades have also begun on the Chapel to handle repairs, sprinkler system, upgraded electrical system and refinishing of the pews. Addition of new parking lots and road upgrades will also be done.

In the next few months the members of our Exhibits Committee will be pulling together ideas on what the exhibits will look like, collecting artifacts, and conducting interviews.  This is where you all come in.  Are you willing to share your memories and stories? Are you willing to be interviewed which could be putting your story in text and/or on a video loop?  Are you willing to loan an artifact for the exhibit? Do you have contact with some of the alumni not currently on our Facebook or adding to  website that we could get this word out to?   

God continues to draw people to the camp property and to Himself through the beauty and peace of this holy place at the foot of Mt. Meeker. Let’s work together to help everyone experience some of the grace that He has given to all of us as campers, workers, counselors, directors, and retreat staff.  Please reply with your contact information to We have added a new photo gallery to the website where we will post photos of the Heritage Center project.

In Christ,

Dave and Denise Pfnister, Camp Saint Malo Alumni Association Board of Directors

Michael Six, Director of Operation - Archdiocese of Denver



January 25, 2016:

Camp Property Update - January 2016

I recently was contacted and spoke with Michael Six, the new Director of Camp & Retreat facilities from the Archdiocese of Denver, Office of Retreat Facilities.  He shared with me that the Archdiocese will be doing the following upgrades to the camp property in the coming months:

  • The Old Lodge will be renovated to become a St. Malo museum with both restrooms and a functioning area for a bride and groom changing area.

  • The Warehouse will be torn down and a maintenance shed will replace it to hold maintenance vehicles, tools, etc.

  • Additional parking lot space will be added as well as upgrades to the signage.

  • New drainage culvert being put in under Hwy 7. CDOT is handling this.

  • The wood chips located on the south side of the property will be removed as well as the remaining portion of the conference center.

  • The will be forest mitigation on the property.

    He has asked the Alumni for their thoughts and input on the Old Lodge renovations. Once we receive the information and sketches, I will post for your thoughts and ideas.

January 6, 2016:

Big news coming for the CSM Alumni Association coming soon.

September 2, 2015:

Archdiocese of Denver purchases 250 acres "Kennedy Gulch Property" for $ 2.1 millon in Conifer for new retreat facility.

December 2015:

Last day for the Archdioceses of Denver to receives Insurance money from the fire or they would lose it.

November 4, 2014:

Archdioceses of Denver issues a report on Camp St Malo. Will not rebuild.

May 15, 2013:
Designs for a Youth Facility and Retreat center are in the working process

March 15, 2013:
Alumni Association retrieves most of the Camp St. Malo Memorabilia from fire.

January 28 & 29, 2013:
Camp St. Malo Retreat Planning Workshop

January 12, 2012:
Alumni Association TradeMarks Camp St. Mala and St. Malo

November 14, 2011:
St. Malo Lodge catches fire. No one hurt.