The following are sentiments written on poster's at Fr. Bob's Funeral reception:

* Thank you for Fr. Bob, We Love You! * You will always be at our Anniversary! * I will alway remember when you put Derreck Salazar in a head lock & rough housed around! * We will miss Fr. Bob's devotion to all! * Thank you for letting me no you! * Fr. Bob's twinkle in his eye & lover he had for all - we will miss you dearly! * We will miss you and your smiles! * Fr. Bob, I prayed for you to transplant your beard to my head! * His gentleness, love & simplicity - He truely served God's people. * Fr. Bob was a great giver. He always helped around the food & clothes bank. * I loved you dearly. I will miss you so much! * I am grateful to have known a man as wonderful as Fr. Jerrard. Rest in Peace! * Beloved * Thank you for all the many kind things & love you gave to our family! * Our Presbyter, our Brother, our Priest, our Friend, our Love. Thank you for the gift of life that you were to each of us. We bless you and you will be a part of our hearts until we meet again. Your neocatechcumnal communities thank you for the walk! * Fr. explaining to Steven what heaven is like - So beautiful - He is there now! * Until we meet in Heaven, pray for us! *Bob made everybody feel special. He was a good friend & good shepherd! * God Bless you Father & we will miss you! * Fr. Bob - Humility, Courage, Love! * The time he baptized my daughter, he was always smiling & he loved home cooked meals! * Our miracle Priest, we'll all miss him! * Fr. Bob touched so many lives, I'll always be grateful for all he did at Camp St. Malo! * You're special, unique & different! I love you forever! * Thank you Fr. Bob for many blessings! * AAAAAAAmeNNNNNNNNNN! Fr. Bob! * Enjoy the mountians of the Lord! * I'll always remember you!!! *I remember when he used to tease us when I was an altar server! * Fr. Bob, you have always been so special to so many - you will be missed! * OURSELVES!!! * You will always be remembered & loved! You and Justina are forever together again with GOD!!

November 4, 2004, Always in our memory.